Canary Home Security is a relatively new firm. It was only founded in 2013. The fact that the company was a crowd-funded endeavor enabled them to pre-sell 10,000 units to propel them into being a leader with Wi-Fi powered home security systems.

This phenomenal start allowed this new firm to take the home security market by storm. The fact that the company was born out of necessity is a big part of why they have been able to develop security cameras and other devices that homeowners love.

It all started when one of the co-founders, Chris Rill, got home from a vacation to find he had been burgled, at which point he decided to build his own home security system. His background as a hardware and software expert, who built customized systems for the US military, meant his natural instinct was to do the job himself. Before that, most of the off the shelf systems he considered had issues or were not as user friendly as he wanted them to be.

In time, he paired up with Jon Troutman and Adam Sager to found Canary. Adam’s background as a security engineer who built bespoke systems for some of the biggest firms in the world was a great fit. Jon’s experience as a product designer completed the skill set the team needed to produce great looking home surveillance equipment that could be set up in minutes to work with an existing Wi-Fi system, worked reliably, and could be automatically set up to alert the homeowner of potential issues. The result is the Canary home security system.

The company has a reputation for providing affordable, easy to use, reliable and flexible home security hardware and apps. Below we tell you about their two most popular devices.

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

Canary makes individual products as well as full-blown security systems. If you do not yet have a system installed in your home, their all in one package is a great starting point. This compact, good-looking unit contains everything you need to keep the most important parts of your home secure.

At the heart of this all in one system is the Canary HD security camera. It is a 1080p camera that is fitted with a 147-degree lens. This wide-angle lens allows you to see more of your room than many other similarly priced models – the viewing angle on most other home security cameras is just 130 degrees. We know that a variation of 17 degrees does not sound like much, but we can assure you it makes a huge difference in terms of how big of an area you can monitor.

All Canary security cameras feature high quality audio and night vision, which is triggered automatically when it gets dark. These high quality images can be stored for up to 24 hours, free of charge, or you can pay a monthly fee to store your images for longer in the cloud.

Set up is easy; all you need is a flat surface near a power supply. You just need to plug the unit in then download the app to your Android or iOS smartphone, which enables you to connect the security system to your home Wi-Fi network.

If something happens, you will receive an alert on your smartphone. You can then use the app to tap into the system to see what is happening in your home and decide what action to take. The system stores all of the necessary contact numbers to make contacting the local authorities quick and easy.

You can remotely arm and disarm the system. It is also possible to set things up so the built-in 90+db siren sounds when the camera detects a certain level of motion in the room.

The camera will turn on and start recording whenever something moves in your room. However, that does not mean that you automatically are notified every time. You decide how much movement triggers an alert. This is important for pet owners – the last thing you need is to be notified every time your dog strolls into the living room.

There is a microphone built in to these cameras, so you can hear what is being said, but there is no speaker, so you cannot hold a two-way conversation with this unit. It is important to note that you cannot mute the microphone, so it will end up recording every conversation within range of the unit. In some states, recording a conversation without explicit permission from all participants is illegal, so it is something you need to be aware of.

It is also possible to monitor the temperature, humidity, and air quality with this unit. Please note that Canary still recommends that you install dedicated carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home.

The link on this page takes you to the black version, but for a few extra dollars, you can buy a white unit if it better suits your tastes. If you would like to add on some extra security cameras, you can easily do so by clicking the link that is included on the product page or just take a look at our review for those addon cameras.

Canary Flex HD Security Camera

If you want to monitor additional areas of your home and do not need a siren, the Canary Flex HD security camera is a great idea. This camera is weatherproof, so it can be used indoors and outdoors. Just add these onto your existing Canary system.

There is a choice of three mounts, including the innovative twist mount, which makes this one of the most versatile security cameras on the market. It is hard to imagine someone not being able to mount it exactly where they want.

The fact that this camera runs on batteries makes it even more flexible. You just need to check that your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough where you plan to install it. This allows you to have the recordings the camera makes stored in the cloud. However, if you prefer, you can plug these cameras into a power source, using the 8ft power cable that is provided. Battery operated is considered more secure though, because it isn’t prone to power outages or robbers simply cutting the cord.

This camera is motion activated with automatic night vision built-in. The quality of the image is exceptional. Its 146-degree lens means it covers a bigger area than most other cameras do.