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Nortek Security & Control owns the GoControl Z-Wave brand. The products they make are designed to allow private individuals to be able to use state of the art security, home control and monitoring systems in their house with their Wi-Fi system, in the same way the owners of commercial properties can.

Included in the current range are thermostats, light controllers, window sensors, sirens and door sensors. GoControl is always developing new products to help their customers to be able to enjoy easier and safer lives.

GoControl has been producing home security systems for many decades. They were one of the first home alarm firms to utilize passive infrared detection, radio frequency transmission and Wi-Fi technologies.

Their systems are renowned for being easy to install and set up. The sensors and monitoring systems that they sell are all compatible with the latest smartphone and Wi-Fi systems.

Therefore, all of their security devices can be operated and updated remotely. This allows users to benefit from new features and keep their home security systems working flawlessly. GoControl also makes it easy for people to expand their home security system.

We have found four items that will help any homeowner to secure their home and control how warm it is. You can find out all about them by reading on. The fact that there are no monthly fees involved makes GoControl one of the least expensive ways to install and run a state of the art security system for your home.

GoControl Z-Wave Home Security Suite

If you are looking for a simple way to secure your home, the GoControl home security suite is a good option. The kit includes three sensors for use on doors and windows. Potentially, these sensors can also be used on safes, medical cabinets, storage boxes, and other items.

There is also a motion detector, which picks up movement in a room or hallway up to 50 meters away from where it is mounted. Also included in the kit is a siren and strobe light unit.

All of the sensors and other units can be located up to 130 meters away from the Z-Wave hub, which you use to control everything. It is also compatible with other hubs, such as Wink, but those would have to be purchased separately.

It is also possible to add light switches, additional sensors, dimmer controllers and door locks to the network. For those with large homes, repeaters are available, which enable homeowners to extend the size of their security network.

Each sensor can be set up to trigger other actions. For example, you could set things up so that a light turns on when one of the door sensors is triggered. Something that could be enough to make a potential thief think someone is at home, so that they decide to go elsewhere. When a sensor is tripped, you are sent an alert so that you can take the relevant action.

Provided you own the latest Wink 2 hub and a current iPhone, you can set the system to auto arm when you leave your home with your mobile. Should you want to disarm one of the sensors you can easily do so. For example, if you are out and want to turn off one of your door sensors to give someone access, you can do so using your phone.

The kit is compatible with any 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router that is using either WPA-PSK, open security, or WEP protocols. At the time of writing this page, there is no 5GHz Wi-Fi compatible GoControl home security suite available.

GoControl Z-Wave Wall Outlet

If you want to turn an ordinary power outlet into a Z Wave outlet, this wall outlet is what you need. They can be located up to 100 feet away from the hub.

The top socket is a standard outlet that is constantly powered, while the bottom plug can be switched on and off over the Z Wave network. You can potentially plug something like a lamp in and have it turn on and off to a schedule to give the appearance that someone is at home.

It is also possible to set the bottom outlet up to be child friendly. In this mode, nothing works until you press the button on the outlet three times.

This outlet also doubles up as a repeater. So, you can use this outlet to extend the range of your network.

Most people really like these outlets and use them in lots of different ways. However, the instructions are not great, so you may need to call the helpline to set yours up.

Spare GoControl Z-Wave Door/Window Sensors

As we mentioned above, you can easily extend your system by adding sensors.

These are the door and window sensors you will need. They are easy to install and have a 100ft line of sight range.

With these added onto a GoControl system, you can easily monitor any potential entrance into your home, similar to a traditional home security system – the major difference here is that you can control the system anywhere in the world.

GoControl Thermostat

If you want to go home to a house that is always at the perfect temperature, the GoControl Thermostat is a great device. Provided it is connected to a Z-Wave hub, you will have full control of your property’s heating system regardless of where you are in the world.

Using a thermostat to control the temperature in your home saves energy. This is especially the case when you use one like the GoControl remotely controllable thermostat, which allows you to turn your heating or air-conditioning off when your plans change and you end up going home late.

This thermostat is compatible with any standard HVAC two or three stage heating and cooling system. It is not hard to change a standalone thermostat to a GoControl thermostat. However, if you do not already have a thermostat installed, it is easier and safer to let an electrician install it for you.

If you own the Amazon Alexa, you can link this thermostat to that device. Doing so will allow you to change the temperature of your home by using your voice.

The bold display is easy to read. Plus, you choose whether the temperature displayed is in Fahrenheit or Centigrade.