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Home automation technology has been available for longer than you realize. For decades, the rich and famous have been turning their lights and sound systems on and off from the couch. However, these old smart home systems were very limited in what they could do. They were also crazy expensive, so were well beyond the means of ordinary homeowners.

That has all changed now. The emergence of new technology, in particular the emergence of reliable home Wi-Fi has allowed developers to make home automation a reality for everyone.

What is a smart house?

Smart home systems allow you to control a growing list of appliances and gadgets without the need for you to be at home to do so. The fact that they are connected to your Wi-Fi network means that you can control them via an app on your Smartphone.

If you install a voice controlled home hub you can connect most of your smart devices and gadgets up to it and control those items using simple voice commands. Some items can be programmed to do things automatically, as well as be turned on and off via your Android, Windows or Apple phones and tablets.

Today, you can use smart home products to make life easier and make your home more comfortable. Practically every month, new wi-fi home automation products are being launched. This is great news because it means that life is set to get easier.

However, the fact that development is happening at a fast pace makes it difficult to keep up to date, which is where we come in. We monitor what is happening with smart home technology and tell you about new home automation products as they become available.

We are here to help you to understand smart home devices and the internet of things. Using the information on these pages, you will be able to quickly work out which devices and gadgets are a good fit for your lifestyle. Below is an overview of what you can find out on each page.

If you are not sure whether this technology is for you, this page will help. On it, you will find examples of the different ways smart home devices can be used to keep your family and possessions safe, as well as home automation ideas that will make your life easier.

For those of you who are already fans of smart home devices, we have included some more unusual smart home ideas. These will get you thinking a bit more about smart home design and help you plan your dream house. Read More »

Modern smart home security systems are easy to install, cheap to run and extremely easy to control. However, there are many different types available, which can be confusing.

We understand this, so we explain what your options are to make it easy for you to work out what type of Wi-fi enabled security cameras, alarms and sensors you need. Using our guide and reviews, you will be able to buy a wireless home security system that is easy to set up, cheap to maintain and can easily be extended or added to later. Read More »

While we are on the subject of security, we must mention smart home lighting. Using it is one of the easiest ways to protect your home, family and possessions.

Studies show that the most effective way to stop home invaders from targeting your house is to make it look like someone is at home. Most thieves and vandals will not enter a house that looks occupied, because doing so greatly increases their risk of being caught.

One of the best ways to give the appearance that someone is at home is to leave lights on. However, leaving them on when you go out in the morning wastes power and is nowhere as effective as turning them on at appropriate times.

This is because home invaders make a note of those houses where the lights are left on during the day. They know that owners are likely to still be at work during the early evening, so will often return and burgle you anyway. Installing automated light switches gets around this issue because you can vary their programming. Importantly, you can turn them on and off remotely.

Installing home automation light switches is far easier than you realize. We give you the information you need to buy the best type for your home and provide you with some installation tips. Read More »

Usually, your Wi-Fi connected devices and appliances are controlled using a home automation app that you have downloaded onto your Android or Apple devices. We explain the different types of home automation apps and help you to buy smart home devices that are compatible with the wireless router, smartphones and tablets that you already own.

If you use a Windows phone, you can still potentially take advantage of home automation. It is also possible to run a smart home network even if you do not own a smartphone. We explain how to find and choose a smart home package that can potentially be controlled from your PC. Read More »

A smart home thermostat gives you the chance to save on your fuel bills and make sure that your house is always at the perfect temperature. However, it is important to buy the right type of home automation thermostat that will work with the rest of your system.

On this page, we explain how to buy one that is compatible with your existing boiler or air-conditioning system, as well as your smart hub. Read More »

Smart home automation is fantastic, but you have to be particularly careful about the security of your Wi-Fi network. This is because every device that you have connected to your Wi-Fi router has the potential to be a used as a gateway by a hacker.

Therefore, you really need to take home Wi-Fi security seriously. Fortunately, maintaining a secure home network is not too difficult. To help you to avoid any issues, we show you how to secure your Wi-Fi network here. Read More »